Sitting here thinking about you,

A strange sound fell on my ear,

As I turned to see who was there,

I saw no one only heard a voice.

This voice seems to be familiar,

Haunting the four walls of the room.

I glanced across the room to see,

If anyone else notices it too,

But no one seems to hear that voice,

Nor they noticed that strange look on my face.

The voice is growing only louder,

Calling out my name,

And I am certain to whom it belongs,

Oh! It’s you my dear friend.

But what makes you hide till now?

I missed you so much,

I keep telling you,

But you don’t seem to hear me.

I still miss the dance on chilly rainy nights,

And the time spent on small silly fights.

I glanced around my room once again,

And see you amongst my family and friends,

The look upon your face says you’re peaceful now.

Although I still see you,

I miss you.

I turned around to see if anyone else notices you,

Then I turn back and you’re gone.

Thank you to spend your life with me till your death,

Although you’re gone but your memories will linger on forever.

I saw you so very gently bid you goodbye.

Blessed be the ones who never took but gave,

And blessed be the people weeping at their darling’s grave.


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