He fall to his knees,
Blood streaming down his face,
A world full of lies,
Friends that left to hide.
Was he just a monster?
A psychopath sent from hell,
His mind is full of hate,
And soon his sanity will break.
Her blood on his hand,
You just misunderstood,
It was not him,
He was not this.
His eyes are dark,
Not even a little spark,
He is not the person with love anymore,
Begging you all, hide while you can.
Hello then comes a voice within him,
Do you hear me?
Why do you ignore me?
I will always be here.
Deep within the depths of your mind,
I will always be there,
Why do you deny me?
You know who I am?
I am you when you think of hurting her,
I am you when you think of hurting her,
You know you want to live your life, your dreams with her.
How can you hurt her?
So in the end, he found himself cutting,
Slicing through his skin,
A blood dripping blade,
Coming down with a swing.
He was in a state of despair,
Depression and grief,
He could’nt bare this any longer.
He was on his knees,
God did’nt respond to his prayer,
Neither came his saviour.
His mind was a canvas,
That he made on his own,
The colours of which were not to be shown.
Sometimes it was dark,
Sometimes it was light,
But no matter what,
For all it always made a bite.
And now there he was gone forever,
Nowhere to be seen by anyone,
But he still lives with her in her thoughts……


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