Every moment when I close my eyes,

I go to the world that is full of lies,

The lie that you only belong to me,

That you and I are still together as we.


Knowing that I can’t win you I tried to forget you,

But that’s the only thing I can’t do,

Without you my life would just be a mess,

As you are my biggest weakness.


I always loved you without any doubt,

The love that you never cared about.

I know the things are’nt like before,

And the weight of my mistakes is more.

I spend my each and every crying alone,

Swollen eyes for whom even sleep seems to be unknown.

I know asking for another chance is not fair,

But for me your ignorance is my greatest nightmare.


Remembering you this chilly winter night,

Under december stars and a little moonlight.

I noted how interesting it is to see time fly,

From the moments of love to bidding of goodbye.


Just then a raindrop fall on my face,

And made me realise my actual place.

The raindrops have to fall from the black sky,

Just to make it more brighter, clearer and dry.

In your life I am also like a drop of sorrow,

Which has to be removed for a better tomorrow.


So now forever closing these eyes,

To go in the world full of lies,

The worlds is created by me,

The world where you and I are together as we.


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