I had this conversation a few days back, posting it today so we know everyone wants to be Dr. Kalam.
It was a cool winter morning of December, I was leaving home for gym. Outside the gate I saw my maid’s husband Mr Riyaz Hasan moving frantically near the road with some paperwork in his hand.
I asked casually “everything alright Riyaz bhai?”
He said “yes sir, it’s just that I’ve to be at this school near my house.
I barely have an hour before its counter closes and I can’t find any transport
“Looking at his tense face, I had to go for the only ethical solution that came to my mind. Without any further questions I offered him a lift on my bike. I’ve rarely talked to him  before,”What’s this school counter for?”..
I initiated a friendly conversation after a long silent ride.
“Sir it’s admission of my ten year old boy. If he doesn’t get into a school even this year, he’ll have to continue in our community madrasssa ”
“So you want to put him in a school that’s close to your home? that’s good thinking…”
“No sir, it’s not about distance. My boy is very bright. I wish for him to become like Kalam saab when he grows up”
“You mean Dr Abdul Kalam?”
“yes sir”
I sensed the concern in his voice and a bit of the responsibility upon me. I upped the accelerator and kept dodging the traffic.
Thankfully we reached the school after a few more minutes, the board there said “DAV Public School”.
Opposite its gates, on the other side of the road, was a this big banner with a picture of Mr. Owaisi towards top and things written in Urdu below.
It seemed like an ad for a Madrassa nearby.
We both looked at it and then Riyaz got off the bike, said thanks to me and started walking towards the gate.
There was still twenty minutes left.
I then blurted out
“what’s wrong with a madrassa though. They’re like schools too..aren’t they? ”
He stopped to look back at me, trying to smile, and said
“Bas kya sir”


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