Dear Anvika,

Finally it’s raining
First rain of this spring season.
the February rain
I still remember it was a drenching february rainy day when you first came in my house with your mom for shelter from rain some 8 yrs ago when we were just small kids and slowly just like the time the distance between us flee too.
I remember it was a february night 3 years ago when you left us forever when you went to a place Heaven which is only heard but not seen by living people. Just now my mom came in to say goodbye. But actually she wanted to see that if I was okay or not. She asked me if I still miss you. If I still see you in my dreams or cry the whole night remembering you. I told her that a lot of things have changed in these 3 years. Now I don’t miss you so frequently, now I don’t cry over you, now my life is normal. But you know one thing I never told her was that I have now learned to tell lies.
She kissed me Good Night and went to her room. But as I closed my eyes to sleep tears rolled down my cheeks as I see you everytime I close my eyes just like if you’re branded there with a hot iron.
There are many memories of all those times we spent together.
I just wish to you to return some day though I know it can never happen but I know that some february rainy night we would surely meet up there .
Miss You


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