The final glimpse of his corpse,

Led her to the narcotic stage of sorrow.

Tears flowed down from her aquamarine eyes,

The same eyes for whom he was just a cipher.

She never realised when she got enamored of him,

When she started falling for his decorous nature.

For her he was nothing but the jinx,

Yet she let him purloin her heart.

Realising that he will never return she started to heal,

Finally putting the kibosh on for her love for him.

Though the wound of his loss will heal,

But the cicatrices of his memories will always remain in her heart.

The memories which are now her placebo,

The only way to come out of the remorseless sorrow.

She snogged his photo for the one last time,

Promising herself to forget him forever.

But can the void be so easily filled,

Ah she remorsed!

She should have stopped him.


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