Living the life

Sometimes I don’t think anything before writing a poem. I just pick a piece of paper and start writing all the thoughts, random phrases and lines that comes in my mind and in the end I just put them together and they start making sense by themselves. Maybe that’s how we should live our lifes by just living it, do whatever we want to do without thinking much about it’s ends.
Many a times there are a few things we want to do but we set back after thinking too much about it ends. Please don’t think too much coz life is just too short to sit back and think just stand up and do whatever you want to do.



The final glimpse of his corpse,

Led her to the narcotic stage of sorrow.

Tears flowed down from her aquamarine eyes,

The same eyes for whom he was just a cipher.

She never realised when she got enamored of him,

When she started falling for his decorous nature.

For her he was nothing but the jinx,

Yet she let him purloin her heart.

Realising that he will never return she started to heal,

Finally putting the kibosh on for her love for him.

Though the wound of his loss will heal,

But the cicatrices of his memories will always remain in her heart.

The memories which are now her placebo,

The only way to come out of the remorseless sorrow.

She snogged his photo for the one last time,

Promising herself to forget him forever.

But can the void be so easily filled,

Ah she remorsed!

She should have stopped him.


Dear Anvika,

Finally it’s raining
First rain of this spring season.
the February rain
I still remember it was a drenching february rainy day when you first came in my house with your mom for shelter from rain some 8 yrs ago when we were just small kids and slowly just like the time the distance between us flee too.
I remember it was a february night 3 years ago when you left us forever when you went to a place Heaven which is only heard but not seen by living people. Just now my mom came in to say goodbye. But actually she wanted to see that if I was okay or not. She asked me if I still miss you. If I still see you in my dreams or cry the whole night remembering you. I told her that a lot of things have changed in these 3 years. Now I don’t miss you so frequently, now I don’t cry over you, now my life is normal. But you know one thing I never told her was that I have now learned to tell lies.
She kissed me Good Night and went to her room. But as I closed my eyes to sleep tears rolled down my cheeks as I see you everytime I close my eyes just like if you’re branded there with a hot iron.
There are many memories of all those times we spent together.
I just wish to you to return some day though I know it can never happen but I know that some february rainy night we would surely meet up there .
Miss You


I had this conversation a few days back, posting it today so we know everyone wants to be Dr. Kalam.
It was a cool winter morning of December, I was leaving home for gym. Outside the gate I saw my maid’s husband Mr Riyaz Hasan moving frantically near the road with some paperwork in his hand.
I asked casually “everything alright Riyaz bhai?”
He said “yes sir, it’s just that I’ve to be at this school near my house.
I barely have an hour before its counter closes and I can’t find any transport
“Looking at his tense face, I had to go for the only ethical solution that came to my mind. Without any further questions I offered him a lift on my bike. I’ve rarely talked to him  before,”What’s this school counter for?”..
I initiated a friendly conversation after a long silent ride.
“Sir it’s admission of my ten year old boy. If he doesn’t get into a school even this year, he’ll have to continue in our community madrasssa ”
“So you want to put him in a school that’s close to your home? that’s good thinking…”
“No sir, it’s not about distance. My boy is very bright. I wish for him to become like Kalam saab when he grows up”
“You mean Dr Abdul Kalam?”
“yes sir”
I sensed the concern in his voice and a bit of the responsibility upon me. I upped the accelerator and kept dodging the traffic.
Thankfully we reached the school after a few more minutes, the board there said “DAV Public School”.
Opposite its gates, on the other side of the road, was a this big banner with a picture of Mr. Owaisi towards top and things written in Urdu below.
It seemed like an ad for a Madrassa nearby.
We both looked at it and then Riyaz got off the bike, said thanks to me and started walking towards the gate.
There was still twenty minutes left.
I then blurted out
“what’s wrong with a madrassa though. They’re like schools too..aren’t they? ”
He stopped to look back at me, trying to smile, and said
“Bas kya sir”

My Angel

To me you’re an angel in disguise,
Full of intelligence, emotions and wise.
Always helping through good and bad times,
You’re the best person I’ve ever met.

Remember the moments when I disturb you and you get angry,
I never do it to frustrate you,
I do it because your face looks cutest after that,
Those mixed emotions of anger and laughter,
Makes you the most beautiful lady ever lived.

I don’t think you’ll ever fully understand,
How you’ve changed my life and made me who I am.
And when in those winter days you laugh,
The sun peeps out of the cloudy morning sky.

Our friendship and love will continue to grow,
With each passing day,
As I know with you by my side,
Everything will be okay.

What will be our future time will tell,
So let the time tell.
Till then let the moments cherish,
Let the moments make memories…


Every moment when I close my eyes,

I go to the world that is full of lies,

The lie that you only belong to me,

That you and I are still together as we.


Knowing that I can’t win you I tried to forget you,

But that’s the only thing I can’t do,

Without you my life would just be a mess,

As you are my biggest weakness.


I always loved you without any doubt,

The love that you never cared about.

I know the things are’nt like before,

And the weight of my mistakes is more.

I spend my each and every crying alone,

Swollen eyes for whom even sleep seems to be unknown.

I know asking for another chance is not fair,

But for me your ignorance is my greatest nightmare.


Remembering you this chilly winter night,

Under december stars and a little moonlight.

I noted how interesting it is to see time fly,

From the moments of love to bidding of goodbye.


Just then a raindrop fall on my face,

And made me realise my actual place.

The raindrops have to fall from the black sky,

Just to make it more brighter, clearer and dry.

In your life I am also like a drop of sorrow,

Which has to be removed for a better tomorrow.


So now forever closing these eyes,

To go in the world full of lies,

The worlds is created by me,

The world where you and I are together as we.



I was with you in your greatest fears,

And whenever you cried I was there to wipe your tears.

I was with you in every decision,

In the first rainfall of that winter season.

I was there with you in day’s light,

I was there with you counting stars at night.

I was with you in your craziest screams,

I was with you in your wildest dreams.

But now I’ll not be there to receive your 3 AM calls,

Or to hold you, whenever you stumble and fall.

Because it’s time for me to go forever,

To a place from where nobody came back ever.

But I’ll come back to answer all the questions left unanswered,

To complete all the words left unspoken.

I’ll come back, I surely will,

As lover dies but love remains still.


He fall to his knees,
Blood streaming down his face,
A world full of lies,
Friends that left to hide.
Was he just a monster?
A psychopath sent from hell,
His mind is full of hate,
And soon his sanity will break.
Her blood on his hand,
You just misunderstood,
It was not him,
He was not this.
His eyes are dark,
Not even a little spark,
He is not the person with love anymore,
Begging you all, hide while you can.
Hello then comes a voice within him,
Do you hear me?
Why do you ignore me?
I will always be here.
Deep within the depths of your mind,
I will always be there,
Why do you deny me?
You know who I am?
I am you when you think of hurting her,
I am you when you think of hurting her,
You know you want to live your life, your dreams with her.
How can you hurt her?
So in the end, he found himself cutting,
Slicing through his skin,
A blood dripping blade,
Coming down with a swing.
He was in a state of despair,
Depression and grief,
He could’nt bare this any longer.
He was on his knees,
God did’nt respond to his prayer,
Neither came his saviour.
His mind was a canvas,
That he made on his own,
The colours of which were not to be shown.
Sometimes it was dark,
Sometimes it was light,
But no matter what,
For all it always made a bite.
And now there he was gone forever,
Nowhere to be seen by anyone,
But he still lives with her in her thoughts……


“On all the good days,
I see my past lurking at the window,

Watching me laugh with you,

Coughing out the tea through my nose as you made me laugh when I sipped it.

Chocking on the last bite of the cake as I remember how I literally snatched it from you and ate it in a gulp.

On all the bad days,
It’s there too, trying to feel me up a little.

Trying to get a hold on me, trying to get in.

It’s only the night that I let it in.

I let it tear me down piece by piece,

I let me remember again the day you walked away.

I let it stab me with all the bad memories we shared.

I let it crawl in.

I let it break me, while making me stronger.”


Sitting here thinking about you,

A strange sound fell on my ear,

As I turned to see who was there,

I saw no one only heard a voice.

This voice seems to be familiar,

Haunting the four walls of the room.

I glanced across the room to see,

If anyone else notices it too,

But no one seems to hear that voice,

Nor they noticed that strange look on my face.

The voice is growing only louder,

Calling out my name,

And I am certain to whom it belongs,

Oh! It’s you my dear friend.

But what makes you hide till now?

I missed you so much,

I keep telling you,

But you don’t seem to hear me.

I still miss the dance on chilly rainy nights,

And the time spent on small silly fights.

I glanced around my room once again,

And see you amongst my family and friends,

The look upon your face says you’re peaceful now.

Although I still see you,

I miss you.

I turned around to see if anyone else notices you,

Then I turn back and you’re gone.

Thank you to spend your life with me till your death,

Although you’re gone but your memories will linger on forever.

I saw you so very gently bid you goodbye.

Blessed be the ones who never took but gave,

And blessed be the people weeping at their darling’s grave.